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Set the MIDI input/record channel to the clip's channel without the learn step

synacksynack Austin, TX, USAPosts: 3

I'd be great if there was an option to have clips automatically "record" from their MIDI channel without having to do the learn step. This could be a global option so the current behavior could be preserved for the other (useful) reasons.

My use case is pretty simple: I have a keyboard controller that I switch channels on to control different synths (Edirol PCR-500/800, they have knob for changing channels easily). It's running through the Deluge. When I setup a MIDI clip, it will almost always be "recorded" via input from the controller, not the Deluge pads. Having to play a note to "learn" the input breaks the flow and, at least in this use case, a superfluous step that leads to unwanted notes played. Every time I do it, I curse the Deluge (in a loving way, of course). :)


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    PuppeteerPuppeteer Perth, West OzPosts: 32

    Another option would be for a track to have ALL channels (perhaps this could be the default). It will record all MIDI events regardless of channel and output them. If you start programming straight into this track, it will default to sending on Channel 1.

    There might need to be a function to channelize this track into multiple individual tracks (each with 1 channel) (or if the ALL track is at song level, opening it goes to a kit mode with 16 channels. Clicking on those opens up the full track editor.

    Food for thought, though it would be some pretty big changes to the Deluge.

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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,028

    yeah, def. feels like overhead to midi learn for every new song. there also is

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