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Visual Indicator for the Current "target" track/clip for looping/recording

synacksynack Austin, TX, USAPosts: 3

(see my FB thread for the source of this recommendation - Deluge LOOP causes SOLO)

It would be helpful to have a visual indicator for the currently "selected"/"targeted" clip/track in song view. That is, the clip that will start recording when the LOOP message is received. I know the visuals are already a little overloaded, but maybe have a bright red button the ends of the clip grid or something similarly obvious.

As I learned the fun way, not knowing which track is the current target can lead to very unexpected results (in my case, the target, unbeknownst to me, was a kit track and starting a loop muted that track, and confusion ensued).

I'll note that the Boss RC-505 suffered from this as well - you have to hold town a button for 2 seconds to see the current track. When you're in the heat of a session, anything that requires hands and time is not fun.

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