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Enter / Review / Edit notes in Keyboard Mode


Deluge recommendation - keyboard mode

Problem - difficult to enter, review, or edit chordal information in current Deluge modes
Solution - modify keyboard view to allow time-based enter, review, and editing

Currently, when the scale button is pushed, the main button matrix converts into keyboard mode. In the proposed new keyboard mode, the lowest row of buttons corresponds to time, at the currently selected zoom setting.

Pushing one of the buttons in the bottom row shows any notes that are triggered in that step range highlighted on the keyboard.

While holding a button in the bottom row, notes can be toggled for that step by pushing the keyboard buttons corresponding to the notes. Similarly, while holding a range of notes in the bottom row (start and end), notes can be added with that note duration.

The scroll knobs and other functions still behave as they do in the other note input modes.

It would add a "Circuit"-style chord input which would greatly enhance the usability of Deluge.

  • Andy
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