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Deluge firmware V3.0.2 released

rohanrohan Staff Posts: 156

Deluge firmware V3.0.2 is now released, containing a few bugfixes.

Download it here.

Fixes include:
* Fixed rare crash when saving a song after deleting, changing or adding sounds within a kit
* Fixed visual bug in rendering of waveforms in arranger view
* Fixed rare problem where pads could appear random colours in song view with many audio clips
* Fixed - when creating a MIDI item within a kit, or other similar scenarios, the gold knobs and their LEDs would not become active immediately

To install the update, place the .bin file onto your SD card, ensure there are no other .bin files on there, put the card back into your Deluge, and then hold down the shift button while powering on. A spinning animation will display, and the firmware will be permanently installed.

Please take this opportunity to back up the data from your SD card while it's in your computer. Any storage technology can fail, and we want your art to be safe regardless.


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    pfrfpfrf ca, u.s.a.Posts: 131

    Thank you, Rohan! Very much appreciated.

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    Topper_HarleyTopper_Harley United KingdomPosts: 4

    thanks Rohan,
    is it now possible to plug directly into a laptop with just the usb ?

    thanks in advance

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    llexamllexam USAPosts: 54

    Thanks for the update!
    I had the "rare crash when saving a song after deleting, changing or adding sounds within a kit" bug a few days ago, it was heartbreaking.

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    030030 SO36Posts: 15

    Thank you Rohan.
    The pace of upgrades is incredible.

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    Thank you!

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    BrawnyBrawny UKPosts: 8

    Thanks! I'm grateful to have not experienced that particular crash (although I've had one or two, but save very regularly).

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    miaouxmiaouxmiaouxmiaoux ScotlandPosts: 7


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    miaouxmiaouxmiaouxmiaoux ScotlandPosts: 7

    This is my first firmware update and I'm having a bit of trouble with it. The Deluge displays UPDA then FILE when I try to update. The .bin is definitely on the SD card. Any tips?

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    PuppeteerPuppeteer Perth, West OzPosts: 27

    Make sure the .bin is at root level on the card (ie not in any folder), that it is unzipped and that there aren't any other .bin files in the root level.

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    miaouxmiaouxmiaouxmiaoux ScotlandPosts: 7

    Thanks! I did all those things and it still didn't work. For some reason deleting it and re-adding it seemed to work and it's updated fine now.

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    raybunraybun GermanyPosts: 5

    Thanks for the bugfixes! You might want to add it to as well @rohan :)

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