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purchase power supply in NZ

RobbymustRobbymust Kaitaia, New ZealandPosts: 21

I am finding it difficult to find a power supply ,9 – 12V centre-negative (pedal-style) power supply (500mA), in New Zealand, have any kiwi's been able to find one and can tell me where to get it. It would be good if Synthstrom had them available as they appear to be very rear.
Also if you plug a usb keyboard into the deluge do you have to have a deluge power charger plugged in to supply power through the usb to the keyboard as I don't have a power supply and when I plug my usb keyboard in nothing happens and the lights on the usb keyboard do not light up.
thanks Rob


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    kabadesukabadesu Wellington, New ZealandPosts: 7

    I bought one from guitarstuff.

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    Ian_JorgensenIan_Jorgensen Wellington, New ZealandStaff Posts: 283

    @Robbymust did you get this sorted? Any music shop, Rockshop, Musicworks etc will have them.

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    SoundwreckerSoundwrecker Colorado, USAPosts: 4

    I went through a stack of adapters I had in a box and several of them were fine for my Deluge. Center positive is the normal type. Do you have an adapter from an old wifi router or similar? It likely is what you need.

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