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Volumes and Mixers in Synth clips are messed up / not separated


To start with the correct behavior of the correct working Kit Clip.
1. Change the Volume of a sample (maybe several times in a clip)
2. doesn't affect the whole clips volume (or other samples) when using "affect entire"

The wrong behavior of a Synth clip
1. Change the volume (not attack!) of a synth/sample (maybe several times in a clip)
2. it changes the volume of the whole clip when using "affect entire" (you can't switch it off)

The problem is, if you made volume changes in your synth clip, then you cant adjust the overall volume to the rest of your other clips. So you end up deleting all automation and doing it all again, hoping that you don't have to do it again, because your song is developing in a direction where you have to do it again.

Other example: you have a synth clip playing a nicely "side" melody with volume changes and you would like to take a clone (with all automation) and just play is have the volume in the background.

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