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Multitracking and Automation with the looper


The looper feature has a lot of potential but I'll admit that it feels like a more interactive version of a single-track guitar looper rather than the multi-track looper I had imagined it would be. Maybe I'm just missing how mapping and usage works, but it seems like, save for a cumbersome process of keeping track of a number of preset loop track rows as they get pushed down the display by overdubs, there really isn't any way to, for instance, map a "looper control button" for different tracks on a separate midi controller, since the midi controls appear to be global. Seeing each overdub as a new row is novel but doesn't seem especially useful in a multi-track context, which is my only context. What I really want is the ability to create a set number of looper tracks and map their controls to a midi device, not unlike existing multitrack loopers like the Boss RC 505.

Also, being able to automate looper recording in the arranger view would be HUGE for pre-programming looper recording and manipulation to free you from needing to actually interact with the looper during performance. Check out Binkbeats or Elise Trouw to see examples of this being done with Ableton.

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