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TIME SIGNATURE - Even more important since 3.0

rudolphrapidrudolphrapid Posts: 50
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I think Deluge should support time signature setting especially since 3.0 where looping and extended recording has been introduced. It is not convenient to work with time signatures different from 4/4 currently.

Time signature could be set under Settings menu and can be global for the whole song.

This setting should affect the following.

  • The metronome should count accordingly (including count-in).
  • The loop length calculation and extended recording (so when to stop recording when it's triggered) should be calculated based on the selected time signature.
  • It may also affect how the clips are changed in Song mode.
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    Seconding this. I've been trying the looper out lately and was kind of shocked that it was 4/4 only given the polyrhythmic nature of the rest of the arrangement tools. My addition would be that while a global time signature setting would be nice I would like it to be able to be set by the first recorded loop and then carried through any additional tracks or overdubs with the option to override to something else.

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    darenagerdarenager Between a rack and a hardware placePosts: 157


    Also the setting of track length with the auto zoom is not particularly user friendly when wanting to work outside of standard meters, as an example I wanted a simple 7 step track but when reducing the length the annoying auto zoom just made it confusing, I got there in the end but it could have been much more straightforward without auto zoom “helping”.

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    Just_Peter118Just_Peter118 The NetherlandsPosts: 38


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    ooijjooijj BerlinPosts: 6


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    I think Deluge could have a master time signature valid for the whole song. All clips inherits it but it can be overridden on clip level. And the metronome should play accordingly - in clip view it should tick by actual clip level time signature, in song view it should play the global one.

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