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COntrolling External Synths??

BarteesStrangeBarteesStrange United StatesPosts: 1

Hey there im new to the Deluge and have a couple questions. I want to use the Deluge to control/sequence my Prophet Rev 2. I've got the appropriate midi channels selected - but I when I press keys Im not controlling anything - is this something the Learn button should help with? Basically i want to be able to play my prophet through my deluge keyboard and set up sequnces there. thanks!


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    p_watsp_wats TorontoPosts: 82

    Yeah, you have to use the learn function. If you hold learn and one of the audition pads on the deluge, then play a key on your Prophet you should see the audition pads turn white and that should do it.

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    HollexHollex FrPosts: 9

    No, you just need to „learn“ if you want to control the Deluge with your Rev2. I understood you want it the other way around. So you need to check your MIDI channels...

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