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Making muting/un-muting of Arranger tracks midi mappable

Ry_n_IRy_n_I Auckland, New ZealandPosts: 9

Being able to mute and un-mute arranger mode tracks with a button on an external midi controller would be a great feature for my desired performance workflow. Currently, you can very easily assign muting with tracks in song mode, which seems to be essentially the same thing just at a different level. However it does not work for arranger mode tracks. When I try assigning the muting of a track in song mode to be used in arranger mode, it transfers playback from arranger mode to song mode when the midi controller button is pressed, which to me is undesirable.

Hopefully this wouldn't be too tough to implement as a feature of the Deluge, and I hope other users recognise how nice this would be.

Peace and much respect!!

Ryan I

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