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Stereo synth on Deluge?


Is there a way to create stereo synth sound on Deluge? I know using ping-pong delay with a quick rate or just modulating the master pan parameter with a quick lfo can be a sort of workaround, but they are not working well in a lot of case.
I expected that chorus and unison were stereo or they had a spread parameter at least. I don't get how these effects can perform well if being restricted to mono.
I neither found a way to pan oscillators independently.

I'd appreciate any suggestion.

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    RandomAztecRandomAztec IrelandPosts: 90

    Haven't tried this ..but maybe using external midi keyboard learnt to both synths
    simultaneously with two cloned synths panned left and right

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    Yeah, but unfortunately cloning synth or having two tracks with same synth makes them exclusive. To do this I have to create two separate synth but duplicate all adjustments on it. Plus no option to alter them run-time together as only a single track can be changed in song mode.

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