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Clear visible notes

hurdygurdyhurdygurdy Posts: 35

Clear only the currently visible notes, not all of them.

When copying and pasting notes, especially if zooming before pasting, it would be really nice to be able to make space this way.

hold left/right + hold shift + Back

I am copying a clear clip and paste this as a workaround now.

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    OdoSendaidokaiOdoSendaidokai BerlinPosts: 210

    Nice idea, but I'm thinking if there is really a need of pressing as well SHIFT ?
    Because if you delete a whole track you just have to press the ◄ ►Knob+Back

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    hurdygurdyhurdygurdy Posts: 35

    Hmm, maybe your right. But if you just press back, you are going to undo.

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