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Yellow LED lighting up after changing battery


Hi there,

after not using my Deluge for some days (shame on me) it seemed to be offended and did not turn on. So I opened it up and checked the battery, which showed no voltage at all. After adding a new battery (Samsung SDI 35E - 3450mAh), the unit works again but the battery status LED is lighting up in yellow all the time, even when not turned on and not connected to external power. Should I be concerned? I think that could drain the new battery until its dead, too.



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    humankapitalhumankapital GermanyPosts: 3

    Used it for some hours on battery now the LED is blinking yellow and green. It should blink red, shouldn't it? When switching off the unit it turns green.

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    humankapitalhumankapital GermanyPosts: 3

    So I let it load over night but in the morning the unit won't turn on when disconnected from external power. Battery voltage shows 1.2 Volts, which means it ate the second battery too.

    Since it seems that noone is listening here I am going to write a mail.

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    Just_Peter118Just_Peter118 The NetherlandsPosts: 42

    Did you get a answer about your battery problem? I'm curious

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