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LOOP as source

edisonSFedisonSF United StatesPosts: 14

hey! had a crazy idea.
it's how I work on another machine...
but I think the deluge could be even amazinger at it.
so with the new looping feature coming soon, I was wondering....
is the live looping track sequence able?
as in going in and changing the pattern/pitch/loop length ... like a regular synth track?
if not, is the recording information of the loop accessable by another synth?
picture this...
you have 1 loop track..
then 2 synth tracks
synth track 1 has some notes on it an octave above middle c, a filter and probability in the notes.
synth track 2 is the same, but the notes are an octave below middle c and unique filter settings..
both synth tracks inputs are set to the loop tracks recording...
so when you record your loop... it sets the tempo and starts looping... then sporadically harmonizes with itself all with the same recorded content.. across 3 tracks..
what do you think?

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