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No lock-out during on-the-fly loading and other change-over requests

MarbelMarbel New Zealand

Currently when the deluge is primed to load a new song the majority of functionality is cut-off. It would be nice if one could still manipulate the current song prior to the next song getting loaded in order to build into the next section, etc.

My suggestion would be that all of the normal functionality remains while a new song is set to load, but when not manipulating parameters the display resets to the countdown so that one can see how many repeats are left.

Another thing that would be nice to see is the ability to cancel a load by hitting 'back' or perhaps 'load' again. Choosing to load the wrong section while performing could really ruin a set!

Finally, the countdown is currently good, but there is still real-estate left on the display that could be used to count beats as well as bars.

Sorry for packing three suggestions in here.

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