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In Song mode, Solo function to behave like Mute function


This mainly applies, but is not restricted to, polymeter tracks.
Currently, when you solo a track in Song mode, the solo engages fine and will continue running/looping as it should on the selected track, but un-soloing, whether by arming and waiting for the loop to restart or using the shift button to immediately un-solo, causes all the tracks not solo-ed to begin playing at the solo-ed tracks time indicator position.
This may be fine if you use an even numbered bar/beat multiple, but particularly in polymeters, this is really disruptive and can throw the timing off completely. It can throw the timing off completely even when arming the solo to begin on the next loop.
What I am hoping to see is the Solo function to work like Mute, in that the muted tracks continue on their loop and will start sounding wherever the sounds are in their individual time marker positions instead of the time positions of the tracks which are not muted.
I have included a short video explaining my issue. At times it is easier to solo one track instead of muting 8 and can see this being beneficial for live performance. Unfortunately, I found out this issue while performing live and was unable to get the tune back on track (only option was restarting the song) because of how the timing went out.
Thank you for reading and considering.

I have made this video public, but if anyone is unable to view, let me know


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    duelinmarkersduelinmarkers Austin TX USPosts: 81

    Would you get the behavior you want if you added a silent track at some multiple of your "regular" measure length, longer than your odd-length track, and solo it along with your odd-length track, then when you're about ready for everything else to come back in, arm un-solo rather than shift-unsolo?

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