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failing to sync TE PO32 via Gate3/4


i have spent nearly two hours now, yet without any true result.
does anyone sync the two units? deluge master—PO32 slave (set to sync2)

tried Gate3 > run, strig, vtrig— nothing...
any hints welcome!


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    propellpropell NorwayPosts: 17

    Hi! Have you tried putting down some gate-notes/triggers in a kit track? I don't know if you can output a steady clicktrack automatically, but you can via a kit. I use sync4 on the PO-32 and put down triggers. Experiment with timing if you need to start your PO manually. Shift it a little. :)

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    030030 SO36Posts: 14

    yes of course, i programed triggers...setting up a gate track without triggers wouldn´t make much sense, would it?
    anyway, i tried a variety of steps 16/16th, 8/8th...
    yet nothing worked other than getting some strange behaviour with the PO.
    PO kind of started but only the first 2 beats of a pattern, then it stops.

    i´ll try sync4, maybe it does the trick.
    more important though is getting my head around the Deluge...

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    omgfoadomgfoad StockholmPosts: 8

    Maybe you solved this already, but i connect from the gate1 out to the PO32. I think for gate 3 and 4 you have to manually set the track to that specific gate output.

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    030030 SO36Posts: 14

    actually, i did not solve it. wasn‘t and isn’t priority atm.
    since i am on vacation and missed out somehow to take the PO (the D is with me though) into my backpack i have to try when arriving back home.
    haven‘t had a look in here since i hang out on the FB group lately.
    much more „traffic“ over there...
    thank you for your hint , appreciated!

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