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Sustain Pedal for note holds (normal sustain pedal action)


Please PRETTY PLEASE add a normal sustain pedal function on the Deluge; meaning that a sustain pedal will control the length of the notes. It's not possible to play piano and other keys in a genuine way without this...


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    austingreenaustingreen United StatesPosts: 6

    +1 yup, i would love this!

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    dartlaerdartlaer USAPosts: 1

    I'd love this too.

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    rczrcz NYPosts: 40

    I found a slight work around for keeping a small amount of release by mapping the release of env1 to env2 and adjusting the map amount and env2 release until it sounded ok. Still sounds a little off and is a pain though, we need true sustain pedal support.

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    hurdygurdyhurdygurdy Posts: 24

    this works already this way: just map a pedal (midi cc) to the active synths sustain. I found it to feel i a little choppier than playing on other keyboards, but i works fine. In addition, the pedal is not digital but analogue, thus really fine sustain sounds can be achieved. Thanks rcz for the tip, have to try this to get rid of the choppiness when releasing the pedal too fast.

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    duelinmarkersduelinmarkers Austin TX USPosts: 58

    @hurdygurdy said:
    this works already this way: just map a pedal (midi cc) to the active synths sustain.

    Do you mean the sustain level of ENV1, or some other sustain parameter?

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    hurdygurdyhurdygurdy Posts: 24

    Yes, i just mapped the env1 sustain. But my pedal has a somewhat analogue output. If i release too fast it feels a bit unnatural. I didnt try this with a digital pedal, jumping from cc0 and cc127.

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