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Can you control an external synth using an external controller through Deluge?


I'm trying to figure out if something I want to do is possible and I just haven't figured out yet.

I have an external synth (Korg Monologue) being sequenced by the Deluge and one of the CC values (Filter Cutoff) mapped to one of the gold knobs which works great. I also have a midi controller running into the Deluge (Arturia Keystep) and I have been able to map the mod-"wheel" to things like the filter cutoff of internal synth tracks using the Learn capability.

What I'm trying to do is control the filter cutoff of the EXTERNAL synth using the external controller but I can't figure out how. If I select Learn and click the gold knob for my Midi track it says "none" but it doesn't seem to be capable of actually making the connection.

Is such a thing possible or am I barking up the wrong tree here?


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    duelinmarkersduelinmarkers Austin TX USPosts: 118

    I haven't tried it, but I think you can turn on MIDI thru on the Deluge (in settings) and then use Arturia's MIDI Control Center software to assign the Keystep's mod strip to whatever CC # the Monologue uses for filter cutoff.

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