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[bug] Expand a pattern while in keyboard mode


When in keyboard mode, it's not possible to expand the length of a clip by pressing shift + <>. I consider this as a bug.


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    llexamllexam USAPosts: 65

    This is a great feature idea.

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    pikeypikey IrelandPosts: 17

    I don't think this would be considered a bug, as that shortcut specifically only works in track view.

    With that being said I would love to have a way of extending the track in keyboard view (or even not looping at all, and just automatically extending - maybe this is coming with the looper update?). I often find that if I'm using keyboard view then I want a very long track to jam on, and then I cut out my favourite parts to use a their own tracks.

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    p_watsp_wats TorontoPosts: 97

    Yeah, sounds like a decent feature improvement, but I wouldn't call it a bug.

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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,009
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