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How do i effect the tails of samples


Ok so im only 2 months in and im making fantastic music but i am getting quite frustrated trying to figure out how to effect the tail of a sample consistently. I thought I understood this with white instances but im back to confused... i have a vocal sample that ends and i want the last word to delay... ok simple parameter automation... sample delays just right... 4 beats later delay cuts out dead... sample length was extended... track was extended.. automation cuts out on this particular track after only 4 beats and i see no volume or freq cutoff automation changes as this happens.... i cannot get the tail of this sample to extend past 4 beats no matter what i do and i cant see any reason or instance for it to shut the effect off in any level of the song


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    PhonicPhonic USAPosts: 11

    Im just trying to finish the track with effects and im fully roadblocked at delay that just cuts out making the track sound very unpolished

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    PhonicPhonic USAPosts: 11

    Update.. after 2 hours i decided to cut the white instance to the point where sample ends and voila... delay continues endlessly Smh... sorry for the post... im still not sure why delay stops if white instance is longer... but ill call it a win for the day... learning curve is steep for the small nitty gritty at times... still has improved my workflow tremendously!

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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,001

    @Phonic said:
    im still not sure why delay stops if white instance is longer...

    same as here ?

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