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Pulling up samples by hitting new kit track question?

CRoyalMcKimCRoyalMcKim San Francisco, California USAPosts: 1

I hit a the new kit track button pulling up samples from the SD card, the undo/back button starts to blink and the display shows RECO and the time (example 0019) "RECO0019". What do I need to do to get access to the pull up the sample? Am I going about this the right way? Any advice would be appreciated. I hope this questions does not seem extraordinarily ignorant. Thank you.


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    VondragonnogginVondragonnoggin California, USAPosts: 190

    It’s showing you are in the record directory on the SD card and the sample is 0019. Hitting back will direct you out of the record directory into the parent directory. Navigate to Samples directory an then into whatever files you have. You are basically in a browser for your files on the SD card. Use the select knob like a mouse cursor. Twist it to browse up and down your files in a directory or browse through folders on the SD card. Pushing down on the select knob is like clicking a mouse, hitting back button takes you one step back out of the directory.

    For example:

    I have a SAMPLES folder with a bunch of samples in sub folders on my SD card. I also have a RECORD folder with samples I’ve recorded on the Deluge. They both reside on the root of my SD card. If I’m in the RECORD folder and cursor is on recording 0019, I can twist the select knob right or left to browse the other recordings in that directory or hit “back” button to jump back into the root directory. I would then turn the select knob to the right or left to browse my folders until I found SAMPLES, then push down on the select to go into SAMPLES directory. Now I use twist the select knob right or left to browse the sub folders listed in my SAMPLES directory. I scroll until I read VintageDrums which is my Vintage Drums folder full of folders with vintage drum kits. I then push the select knob and now I’m in Vintage Drums folder. I scroll until I read TRDRUMS and push down on the select knob and now I’m in TRDRUMS folder. I then scroll until I read 808 and push down the select knob to get into 808 folder. I then scroll through until I find BassDrums and push select again to get into BasDrums folder. Now I have actual 808 Bass Drum samples in that folder so I scroll through the samples which also show up on the pad grid as a wav representation while I can hear the sample as I scroll on it. When I find the sample I like, I push down on the select knob to load the sample on the pad I’ve chosen in the Kit. It’s now loaded to that pad and I can further edit it by selecting type, setting start/stop, adjusting volume, setting to reverse, or whatever way I want to edit it. I can now sequence it on the grid for the corresponding line.

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