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Confusion about filter envelopes


I'm kind of new to synthesis, and the way envelopes patched to the filter frequency on the Deluge is confusing to me.
For example, I set the LPF to off or the frequency of the filter to the max, then I patch an envelope to the filter frequency, set the depth to 50 and set an attack of 50 for that envelope, sustain 50, decay 0, release 0. Now that envelope shouldn't be doing anything to the filter frequency, as the filter is already all the way open. So the envelope can't increase that filter frequency.
But instead it produces a slow rise of the filter frequency, starting at some value. And I don't know where that lower value comes from, since I set the filter to off/50/open already, and it's definitely not starting at a fully open filter.
What is happening there? Why is it acting like that?


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