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Probabilistic CC for velocity etc... possible?


Pre-purchase question... I can see in the manual where the random note functions are discussed. It's great this can be used for an individual note's probability, or to select between several notes randomly.

It's not clear to me if similar features exist for sequence values other than MIDI note. I would most like to randomise velocities within a certain range. Similarly for note length, or some other MIDI parameter. Is this possible?

Or can it be done some other way? Can you set a multi-bar LFO to alter a CC value?

These sorts of humanising features are a high priority for me.


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    amiga909amiga909 SwitzerlandPosts: 632

    no, probability can only be used on note trigs, not for param automation or CC.

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    llexamllexam USAPosts: 47
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    Oscillator Volume can be randomized to create pseudo velocity-randomization when using the internal sound engine (OSC Volume>Random), but it's not sent over MIDI.
    Similarly, the Envelope Release can be randomized to create a quasi randomized note length on internal sounds too (Envelope Release>Random), which adds a bit of humanizing.

    No randomizing of MIDI CC or sequencer data though, sadly.

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