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MIDI Power for BT adapter?


Looking to get a Yamaha bluetooth midi adapter but I can't find whether or not the Deluge has power on the midi ports. Anyone have experience using one of these with the Deluge? My intent is to get tangle-free clocking to my ipad.



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    IcoustikIcoustik NorwayPosts: 478

    I've seen someone else do that, and I know it powers my midi thru box :)

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    manateemilitiamanateemilitia Austin, TXPosts: 8

    Cool, thanks

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    manateemilitiamanateemilitia Austin, TXPosts: 8

    For the sake of any future searchers: I was able to use a Yamaha bluetooth MIDI adapter very easily.

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    Just_Peter118Just_Peter118 The NetherlandsPosts: 30

    Received the Yamaha MD-BT01 bluetooth midi adapter today. I can confirm what @manateemilitia reported. They work perfect. I could connect my Korg Nanokey Studio and my iPad via Bluetooth to my Deluge. Sequenced some midi to my iPad, wonderful! What a fantastic solution, no cables needed anymore.

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