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Split 3.5mm clock+run to DINSYNC/SYNC24 cable?


Has anyone found a cable which would allow the Deluge to sync an external device with a DINSYNC/SYNC24 input?

It seems the cable would need to connect a din socket to 2 x 3.5mm cables and it would be plugged into both gate 3 and gate 4.

Maybe this one?

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    darenagerdarenager Between a rack and a hardware placePosts: 168

    Yes that should work, however you need to make sure that when you want dinsync to run the run/stop line has to stay high, and you need to send clock at the rate of 24ppqn.

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    highstandardshighstandards CHPosts: 52

    Found another one, but it's more like an adapter:

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    I have one DIY cable like that and it works fine with mc-202, tr-808, but tb-303 is totally out of sync. Can't really understand why. But answer to your question is that yes it should work!

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    highstandardshighstandards CHPosts: 52

    Got the one from ALM Busy Circuits and it worked great when trying on a TR-606. I just have to make sure the time signatures are the same on both devices.

    In the EU, it can be ordered from here:
    but if you pest schneidersladen, they should be able to get it as they stock other items from ALM Busy Circuits.

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    VondragonnogginVondragonnoggin California, USAPosts: 190

    The title looks like you specifically want a gate out to a DIN Sync but the description sounds like you just want clock sync from deluge to a 24 ppqn timed machine like a 303.

    I use a midi to DIN Sync converter that gets timing tight. I’m hanging a Kenton active 5 thru off my midi out to get more ports and one thru port has a Kenton Midi to DIN Sync converter plugged in and running to my RE-303. No timing issues or start/stop issues syncing with the RE-303

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    highstandardshighstandards CHPosts: 52

    You're right :). It was titled by mistake that way because clock and run come from gate 3&4, but this is specific to the Deluge.
    My goal is to avoid having to use the midi to sync module I have. Less gear to take with me ;).

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