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Is Deluge "noisy" when recording in your DAW?


Is Deluge "noisy" when recording in your DAW? Exiting with left and right 1/4 jacks, direct in my Steinberg audio card... if I record what I made with Deluge on separate tracks, I end up having a lot of "hisss" when I playback the audio tracks together... is it normal? It's not like the noise of a problem... it's just like when you turn the volume way up when there's nothing playing... it's a loud level hissss, maybe it's because the volume on the Deluge is at max... but the thing is that the levels of the waves that I record are really not too loud... even rather on the low side (that's why I have to put max volume on Deluge...).



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    RainbowbrainRainbowbrain Los angelesPosts: 1

    This sounds like a gainstaging issue that might be resolved by using extra gain on the audio card and having the Deluge master volume at 50%. My experience with most synths is that cranking the master volume all the way up usually creates some small level of hiss. I have experienced similar issues myself.

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