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I made a case for the Deluge


Hi guys! Greg here from Analog Cases in Los Angeles, I make cases for electronic music devices of all shapes and sizes. This is my first post here, and full disclosure, I have not personally used the Deluge, but over the last few months, several people asked me if I had a case for it. After doing some research, I noticed that there were not any cases available on the market, so I decided to go for it and create one. You can see it here: Analog Cases 18" Case For the Synthstrom Deluge

I wanted to share this with the community here, since I thought it would probably be of interest to at least a few of you. But I know that anything self-promotional can be frowned upon in user groups, so I'll keep this post as short as possible. But feel free to contact me via my web site if you have any other questions. Thanks guys and happy synthing!


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