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Solo parts in arrangement mode that are the same color (instance)


Really got into the arranger mode yesterday and realized the power of being able to select different instances of a track by holding down the select knob and the pad (grouped colors in the song view). Now I am trying to solo out the parts to multitrack the arrangement into my DAW but the instances I have grouped seem to be an all or nothing when soloing from the arrangement window.

Also roughly related I cannot figure out how I can just solo my individual drums and still play the arrangement so I can track the drum parts individually.

Hoping this can be done and I am overlooking something.



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    iFreilichtiFreilicht GermanyPosts: 37
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    I don't really get what's the problem. You solo by pressing <> and the mute pad, which in arranger view solos one instrument. Then it will only sound the clips you've placed there. How else would you like it to work?

    For the drums there's no soloing, you'll have to go into each track and mute all drums you don't want to sound. This is really cumbersome, but right now it's the only way.

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    j3threejayj3threejay USAPosts: 34

    You answered my question as it was in direct relation the drum muting.

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