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Problems with Samples


Hi. I have no idea where this belongs to


What am i doing wrong here? I loaded a drumkit with different samples of lush pads that i recorded. i placed sequencing spots and shiftet the length of it all until i had a nice loop. so far so good. then i added a synth with another simple sample for an arpeggio. now whenever i play a note with my arp sound over the pad sound (at the same sequencing spot) i cant hear my pads any more.i thought i can play multiple samples at the same time.

thanks all.


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    FASTFAST California

    The Deluge can definitely play many samples at the same time. When what you describe happens to me it is because I added the note when I was zoomed out.

    How many bars long is your arp sample?

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    It might have issues with longer samples. sometimes they stop playing if i jump from track to song-mode. i am keeping an eye on it. if anyone else faces similar problems, please post them. thanks FAST for now.

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    My problem was partly just badly recorded samples >.< so the silly was on my side.

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    SamSam WellingtonModerator, Staff

    Hey @IchMachBubu! I only just saw this sorry! Next time, this question belongs in the "questions" forum, where I'm likely to see it a whole lot quicker. Glad to see its cleared up :smile:

    Depending on your firmware version, the rest of the track that this kit is in and the length of the samples themselves, the length thing could have been part of the issue. I would definitely recommend upgrading to the current alpha (available on the beta testers facebook group), as the SD streaming feature on this helps a lot with longer samples.

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    Thank you Sam.Took me some time to find it on FB (not good with social media) but finally managed to subscribe.

    and once more thanks a ton

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    Yo @Sam! Can u guys add me to this group. Wanna download ze goods.... pleeeeaaaase. it´s still pending. thanks.

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