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Pan setting for each Oscillator

Ry_n_IRy_n_I Auckland, New ZealandPosts: 9

Recently I've been experimenting with stereo synths. Currently I can create them using stereo single cycle waveform samples. Got me thinking that we could create interesting synths if we were just able to pan each oscillator separately.
I suppose most of the time you want them set in the middle but if you were going for something different, really cool sounds could be created! I'm imagining something like a single synth that is all square wave in the left channel and all saw in the right. If this is possible and not problematic for the Deluge I think it would have much creative potential!


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    dannytaurusdannytaurus Los AngelesPosts: 5

    +1000 for oscillator pan. Really useful for creating interesting kit sounds. Can't believe this only had 4 votes! ☹️

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    StenumStenum DenmarkPosts: 1
    edited July 2

    +1000 here as well. Stereo spread for multiple voices is also something I really miss in order to create phat sounds!

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