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External Midi sync, delay out of sync



I'm using the deluge with Ableton Live. Midi-Clock and Start/Stop comes from Ableton. When I play the track on the deluge stand alone, delay is in sync with the track.

When I start the deluge with Ableton Live and external midi-syn, the delay effect isn't in sync with the track. Is there something I have to set or what do I wrong?


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    iFreilichtiFreilicht GermanyPosts: 37

    Have you tried nudging the tempo on the deluge? I've had this issue in the past, where there was a signal delay between starting on ableton and the external device noticing that it was started, resulting in the external device being out-of-sync.

    To nudge tempo, hold down the <> knob and turn the tempo knob. Each click of the tempo knob corresponds to one 96th note.

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    udelugeudeluge germanyPosts: 58

    I will try this. It's strange that everything works, if I use my friends deluge as the Midi-Clock source. So Ableton or my USB-Midi-Interface is sending a different Midi-Clock as the deluge expects. Using the deluge as Master-Clock for Ableton works to.

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    shippy_trappershippy_trapper viennaPosts: 9

    I would recommend to use either the deluge or your midi interface as a clock source.
    you should avoid that ableton is using the clock on your mainboard as a clock source; ... for several reasons.
    if you want me to, i can explain this in more detail, but it would be a very long reply and i don´t want to be responsible if you to buy a 6k+ atomic clock in the end.

    true timing is a bit like true level.

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    udelugeudeluge germanyPosts: 58

    Thanks for you Rick and Morty reference. Can't remember this episode. I was not talking about a overall drift over a time than may occur. More that the delay repeats are not in sync with the whole song, as they where without external clock signal.

    I haven't tested this with the latest firmware, because I mostly work with the deluge stand alone now.

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