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Make Timestretching not related to note length and add automation of Sample Start

OmskInfoOmskInfo Berlin, Deutschland

In the current (1.1.1) firmware, when setting a Sample to "Stretch" mode in order to have it sync to the tempo, this behavior is connected to the note's length in the pattern. For example, if I have a 1-bar loop and I put in a 1-bar note, the sample will play in sync at the correct tempo. But if I shorten the note to only 1/2-bar -- because I only want to trigger the first half of the loop -- the sample will now play twice as fast as it should. And if I set the note length to something odd, like 3 beats (3/4 of a bar), now the sample will pay at a totally bizarre speed...basically trying to cram the sample's entire 1-bar length into 3 beats. I don't see how this is musically useful at all.

Ideally, I'd prefer if the playback speed of a stretched sample was independent from the note lengths. In this case, the "Speed" parameter could be used to set the sync length for the sample. For example, with "Stretch" enabled for the sample, I could then set Speed to "1bar" which would tell the Deluge that the sample I'm playing is a bar long -- the Deluge will then know the correct speed to play the sample to maintain sync with the Project. If I have a 2-bar sample loaded, I'd set Speed to "2bar" and it would then also play at the correct speed regardless of how long the notes are (if I set it to "1bar" in this case, now the sample would play twice as fast as it should). I can then re-trigger this loop throughout the sequence by putting in new notes in the track of different lengths.

If this feature can be introduced along with the ability to parameter lock the Sample Start position (especially if the Start Position was fractional while in Stretch mode so you can tell playback to start at the 1/4, 1/2, 5/16 position, or whatever) it would be possible to "remix" a time-stretched sample. You could trigger the sample multiple times for whatever duration you wish, and you could also start the sample from different positions while doing so. This would allow new rhythms to be created from a loop which brings lots of creative power without introducing any sort of complex slicing modes that occupy multiple tracks in the sequencer.

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