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usb power off setting.


hello fellow delugers. Is there a way turning off the battery charge over usb? (without plugging in a live dc 9-12v plug)

I’ve got a usb hub (powered), that’s connected to an ipad, and a midi-controller. The problem is that the deluge is charging it’s batteries via the usb hub’s connected power bank. The consequence of this is that, if at any point the ipad intermittently detects that the hub is drawing to much power (because of the deluge) it ejects the usb hub. This in turn, ejects the sound card, and the midi over usb from/to the deluge..

Any Ideas?


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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 826

    interesting to hear, was planning to get a usb power bank + hub too for an ipad+deluge travel setup.
    you wrote the usb hub is powered (own AC)? or powered by a power bank?

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    mrrafsmrrafs ukPosts: 49
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    a couple of points...

    i’m not using the latest ipad, so have to use a cck.
    yes i have a power bank attached to the hub.

    i previously had it working with a different usb hub, however the deluge would still eat up the power bank, and when it ran out the hub dies, but the deluge is fully charged- lol - the dream would be if the deluge provided power (just the minimum required for controllers that are compatibile with ipads.), and usb midi hosting!

    Also the usb is flaky. It’s delicate, physically. Plugging in a controller, or moving a device around drops the connection and then AUM kicks the midi routing. So if your playing live all the cables need to be taped in. Otherwise you have to reset the connection in the ipad software all the time.

    So if it’s only midi your after then your probably better using a bluetooth midi dongle. However this is probably synth only.. for drums, fast ratcheted high hats will probably fail over bluetooth?

    That said, the flexibility of an ipad for fx, and a whole world of accessible portable synthesis is amazing..

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    mrrafsmrrafs ukPosts: 49
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    tried a different set up, where the power is going to the cck, and ipad audio is going into the deluge mic input.. the ugreen usb hub has a sound card built in. the hub/sound card will run off the ipad power, with one low power controller. ( i could power the hub if i wanted, but then the deluge would also be charging)

    the problem here is of course the power bank is now charging the ipad and i can’t route the deluge audio to the ipad to do fx/mix. also because of no plain line through on the deluge you can’t use the play/stop function without the audio cutting out.

    the case is mod’d with velcro, fabric rivits(to hold the velcro to the case) and some sown in elastic to stop the case flopping open.

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