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Modulation sources for midi tracks

So modulate verlocity, pitch, note length and midi cc messages via the sources.


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    If I understand correctly this is a sequencer modulated by sources so LFOs/ENV/VEL can drive pitch (in scale mode I assume), note length, track length ... correct ?
    Elaborate on this.. it seems like pretty damned good idea. If any of you own Pyramid sequencer (I Do) it has concept of MIDI effects almost like ones in ableton... pretty pretty great concept that gives a real life to a dull 8 bar static track. It is almost like having a modular... Please check the MIDI Effects on Pyramid videos on YT to get inspired. The problem with Pyramid is that it costs 700EU and does not produce sound. :( but as DAW-less sequencer you cannot beat it.

    I wonder which direction the deluge will go with the constant pour of feature request :

    a) a distant firmware upgrade to “A sequencer plus” (BTW I”m willing to pay for it )

    b) a new deluge-pro released in 1-2 years to get some crazy sequencer and UX upgrades... such as slide strip or XY-pad, velocity sensitivity and possibly better display for sample processing.

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    Yes. Yes. Yes.

    Same for CV out please, so we can use it for modulation rather than just pitch. ;)

    This is right up there for me. I guess everyone has their own ideas as to where they want the Deluge to go but for me the sequencer is the #1 priority!

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    MatthewGeorgeMatthewGeorge Cologne, Germany

    My other synth has some awesome modulated percussion sounds in it where the velocity determines the randomness of the pitch. I haven't got the keyboard working as MIDI IN yet but thought it would be cool to have the velocity modulated, then I thought...
    As MIDI is just pitch/length/velocity messages I don't see why that information couldn't be modulated by LFO's/SIDEchain/RANDom maybe the ENVolopes are too tricky in this case I'm not sure...

    But yes I am totally thinking in terms of MIDI effects.
    The same could be applied to CV/GATE as it pretty much similar information (pitch/length/velocity) but as it's voltage, may it gets tricky...

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    HorstmaistaHorstmaista Los Angeles

    Yes, this would be great. Also Midi arpeggiator and sidechain!

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    @MatthewGeorge said:
    My other synth has some awesome modulated percussion sounds in it where the velocity determines the randomness of the pitch.

    deluge can do this. The VELO is one of the modulation sources on the oscillator tune and or transpose as well

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    @Horstmaista said:
    Yes, this would be great. Also Midi arpeggiator and sidechain!

    Deluge can do sidechain too, what kind of sidechain you miss ?

    BTW I have not seen a device that has soo extensive side chain options, you can even modulate filter cutoff with side chain

    The only thing I would add to side chain function on deluge to choose which drum track or drum sound is the drive for sitechain
    or have a few groups (almost like choke group)

    This is the only way on deluge where one track can affect other tracks' parameters.

    love the side chain on deluge.. It is like a binary motion sequencer that could control the whole song if you wish. it is essentially another envelope or synced LFO if you think of it.

    just give me 4 independent sources / groups for side chain :)

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    HorstmaistaHorstmaista Los Angeles
    Is it possible to use the sidechain to modulate velocities or CVS on Midi tracks? Didn't know that. Need to check it out.
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    I assume you need to modulate internal DELUGE synth / sample sounds...
    To output the side chain as MIDI CC out messages is NOT possible. Unless you remap some CC and or use automation knobs the same way as you can do with electribe or circuit.

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    HorstmaistaHorstmaista Los Angeles
    Ah I guess as this thread is about midi tracks it would be a valid addition than...
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    muleskinnermuleskinner Bath, UK
    edited June 2017
    What the OP means (I presume) is outputting the various mod sources (LFOs, envelopes, sidechain) as MIDI cc or CV. This is not currently possible and would be super-awseome
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    Also-- standard MIDI has values from 0 to 127. Most of the settings on the deluge either stop at 50 or 100. Translating between some older gear and the Deluge might be problematic unless I'm wrong.

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    alien_brainalien_brain yer moms house


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