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MIDI learn - is it machine global?



I'm looking into the MIDI learn and I'm wondering if it is global to the device or to a song or track or???

I ask because I want to pair it with some other devices. But I'd like to be able to map CCs to specific actions

In that case:
1) does it work device wide
2) is there an XMLfile showing the mappings so I can set it up and keep a copy to view later so I remember the mappings ?

Thank you for you time and help here.



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    udelugeudeluge germanyPosts: 58

    I would like to know this to!

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    I was able to map different devices to different tracks

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    BrettBrett Posts: 39

    I did read through the manual more closely, it is covered in two places

    Under here:
    Assigning knobs to parameters

    Assignment of connected MIDI knobs is done in the same way: navigate to a parameter’s value, hold down the learn button, and then turn the knob you wish to assign. Both relative and absolute MIDI CC messages are supported (it is auto-detected which of these a given knob is), and so are MIDI pitch-bend messages. Controlling parameters via MIDI is a handy way of expanding the Deluge’s controllability because this control remains active all of the time, whereas the Deluge’s own parameter knobs only apply to the track which the user is viewing in track view, or holding down a pad on in song view.

    Under here: (it is answered here)
    Controlling functions via MIDI

    <-- partyl of the section -->
    Some MIDI commands are song-specific. With them, you can:
    Launch a given track or section
    Mute / unmute a row belonging to a track in track view
    Play one sound in a kit track
    Play a synth belonging to a track. For this, an entire MIDI channel is assigned, rather than just one note in that channel. This allows the synth to be played with a MIDI keyboard. The same function is available for MIDI and CV tracks

    <- more goodness in the manual ->

    I hope that helps you get closer to the answer.


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