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Analogue foot switch to Start/Stop Deluge (i.e. not MIDI)


I want to take the Deluge busking for a bit of guitar support. But with my hands full when playing I want to Start/Stop simple beats and pads with a foot switch. The manual is a bit confusing:
" AUTO -start - whether the presence or absence of a trigger clock signal
should start and stop playback automatically"

In my world a trigger is different to a clock in that a trigger occurs once and a clock is continuous. I think what it really means is that it will only auto run with a 24 ppqn clock. You can change the ppqn. I have tried to trigger it a million ways but no luck. But I clock sync it from my Minibrute2s sequencer without problems at 24ppqn.
So has anyone cracked this nut or do I need to buy/build a 9V battery powered 24ppqn clock? Thanks for any help in advance :-)

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