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Notes/Octave & Sampling



I apologize if this has been addressed previously. While it was a cursory one, I did try and search past posts and was unable to find anything so I appreciate the help in advance as I'm still a bit green when it comes to what I have initially purchased a Deluge for. When sampling the raw, open oscillators of other hardware, how many notes per octave do you guys find is the best approach with minimal effort? The manual makes reference to acoustic instruments benefiting from a few semitones of sampling but I've seen plenty of demos where people casually shift up and down single melodic samples and they sound fine to me. Just curious where raw synth sounds land in this realm. I realize this is probably a no-brainer but I also intend on importing over a familiar drum kit I use to jam/write with and wanted to see if the aforementioned synth and kit samples should be done at 127 velocity as well.

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    IcoustikIcoustik NorwayPosts: 478

    It depends, but if you wanna multisample synths it should be maybe like 2 notes per octave.
    You can make 2 'velocity levels' by sampling same set of notes at a lower and a higher velocity, f.ex. 30 and 127.
    Then you can create velocity layers by assigning the low-velo notes to OSC1, and the higher-velo's to OSC2, then patching OSC1 Vol to mod source Velocity -50, and OSC2 Vol to Velocity +50.

    For multisampling synths and other stuff with midi, I'd recommend this free auto-sampling program:

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