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Help! Auto-Record Length possible?


Apologies is this has been covered before:

Is it possible to automatically extend the track length as i record (either midi notes or audio) rather than have to set up the length in advance. Often i don't know how long i want to capture and end up with too long a track or too short.

At the moment the 1 bar default length loops and records over itself. I would like to not have to extend it before I record.

Thank you all


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    duelinmarkersduelinmarkers Austin TX USPosts: 43

    I believe recording from song mode into arranger playing an instrument that has no track playing will create a "white instance" as long as you run the recording, but I've only explored this once.

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    JsanJsan United KingdomPosts: 4

    Thanks, I'll give that a shot. Not even got into arranger mode yet!

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