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Deluge bpm-synced as slave, but I have to nudge very often to stay in sync, I don't understand why

FranFran Posts: 2

Hi, maybe someone can help me with this issue:

I play a DJ set (using the mixer Denon X1800) and I sync the deluge (as a slave, via midi clock, using a 1m 5-pin midi cable) so it has the same bpm as the mixer. I hit play in the deluge, and nudge the bpm momentarily (I still don't know how to send a Start midi message from the X1800) in the Deluge, to obtain a good sync between the two devices. So far, so good.

However, even if I don't touch the slider in the players (thus the bpm doesn't change), I need to nudge the bpm of the deluge very often (twice or three times a minute) to maintain a "perfect" (audible) sync. Is that normal? I thought the timing between the mixer and the Deluge would be much tighter.

Does anybody experience the same issue? Or some suggestion to obtain a sync that perdures over time?

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    udelugeudeluge germanyPosts: 58

    I haven't noticed a drift over time but the delay of deluge isn't in sync when using external clock.

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