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"Corr" message after using Deluge Kit Builder

MikeShogunaiMikeShogunai EdinburghPosts: 8
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Hey hive mind,

Pretty much as it sounds in the title, used the kit builder as instructed and now when I go into my kits section it flashes Corr and wont actually allow me in at all. I am starting from fresh with no Deluge presets except the synth presets, all preset samples and kits have been left off the card. Any help/advise would be much apreciated!


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    pbolgerpbolger ChristchurchPosts: 61

    I'm getting a 'Corr' message when I try and load a sample. It's not in the manual - what does it mean? The sample is a wav file with no spaces or punctuation in the filename.

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    VondragonnogginVondragonnoggin California, USAPosts: 190

    Corr - corrupt?

    In the first post, I believe you need a kits directory to save a kit into. It’s not automatically saved as a browsable kit. It will be per song unless you save as a kit.

    In the second example it might be just a corrupt sample or sample format unreadable. Try checking sample format with the sample format in the included samples and make sure all of yours are the same.

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    SchalusiSchalusi Posts: 3

    Any updates on this?
    I loaded some new samples on the sd card and while browsing my synth presets “corr” came up and I’m unable to scroll past it.
    I didn’t change anything about the presets, so I’m pretty confused why this is happening...

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