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Cyborg - Deluge+Eurorack semi-generative track in the style of Brian Eno

mcpepemcpepe Marbella, SpainPosts: 73

In 1995, Brian Eno used and coined the term "Generative Music" to describe any music that is ever-different and changing, created by a system.

Cyborg (Lab0014) is a semi-generative theme sequenced with the Synthstrom Deluge. The Eurorack modular plays 4 tracks and the Deluge plays another 4 tracks, including drums and synths.

In order of appearance:

-Track 4 Riff: Mutable Instruments Plaits (Filtered Noise mode) + WMD MultiModeFilter + HP 3xVCA + AD Chronoblob
-Track 3 Arp: Ladik VCO1 + RYO Aperture + HP 3xVCA + AD Chronoblob
-Track 2 Melody: MI Warps internal oscillator (Parasite 1.01 firmware) + Doepfer A132-3 + Disting MK4 (clockable SD delay mode). Generative melody created using probability and different lengths with the Deluge, so everytime the melody changes.
-Track 1 Bass: Doepfer A100-1 Standard VCO + Doepfer A160-5 SEM + Doepfer A132-3 + Disting MK4 (clockable SD delay mode). Again some probability used to get variations of the bass line.

Envelopes by Xaoc Devices Zadar (4 channels). Modulation by the ALM Pamela New Workout. MIDI to CV by Befaco MIDI Thing.

-Track 5 Drums: Deluge kit with samples from the Korg DDD-1 vintage drum machine. Probability used for a little randomness in the patterns.
-Track 7 Countermelody: Deluge internal substractive synth.
-Track 8 Chords: Deluge internal substractive synth.
-Track 6 FX: Deluge internal substractive synth.

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