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Loosing Learned Midi Keyboard while browsing presets. Locked Preset. Preset availability bug


I came across these issues a few times, I’ve been able to reproduce it in a project and made a couple of videos. I will send to IAN the song xml files and videos for debugging purposes.

  1. Loosing Learned Midi Keyboard while browsing presets. It happens when turning the select knob and passing a sub-preset (for example: 5A).
  2. After mapping the keystep to a sub preset, browsing presets no longer changes presets. All presets make the same sound. Locked Preset.
  3. Holding Keys on an arpeggiated preset and turning select knob. When returning to the preset sound will be playing and won’t stop
  4. Preset availability from track to track issues

My setup is simple

I have an Arturia Keystep connected to the midi IN of the deluge and a MPD24 from Akai connected to the midi thru of the Keystep. The MPD24 is set on Channel 16. This leaves me 15 channel I can switch between on the Keystep. I can switch between channels using the shift button and one of the first fifteen notes of the keyboard.
I usually assign Channel 1 to my first synth track, midi Ch2 to the second synth track and so on. Moding a synth preset on the Deluge automatically creates a new sub-preset for that song.

  1. After creating a few tracks. This first of many weird issues occurs. Let’s says I’m on my third track and the Keystep is set on channel 3. While I’m browsing presets using the select knob, when I pass a sub-preset (for example: 5A), the Arturia is automatically unlearned (for that channel). If I go to the next preset, preset 6 and press the learn button and an audition pad, they no longer flash white confirming the unlearned process has occurred. On this song, only synth 5 16 and 23 have been modified. Only passing while browsing sub-presets of synth 5 and 16 produces this problem (video1)

  2. Second issue, same process. Browse, loose connection but stop on preset 5A or 5B. Press learn and audition pad now it’s flashing white. Normally the Keystep should be connected. Press learn and audition pad to unlearn and again plus a key from the Keystep to relearn. Now the keyboard is mapped again. No matter what preset I choose all preset produce the same sound. Sound is locked on preset 5A. (video2)

  3. Third issue, can happen in the following situation. Reproduction of the issue is random. First I hold down a few keys on a arpeggiated preset and change to another preset then I release the keys. When I return to the previous preset the sound is still running and it’s very difficult to stop the sound from playing. Hitting many random keys seems to kill it or going to APR MODE and turn the ARP OFF.(video 3)

  4. The fourth issue concerns Preset availability from track to track
    If I create a new project. Create a few tracks
    Track 1, preset 1
    Track 2, Preset 2
    Track 3, Preset 3
    Track 4: When browsing, Presets 1,2&3 will no longer display unless sub-presets have been created for track 1 2 and 3. I understand the logic: 1 synth with exact same preset per track

Now if I go back to Track 1 and modify the preset by lowering the volume and therefore create a sub-preset for that track. If I do the same for 3 tracks get strange results

Track 1, Preset 1A
Track 2, Preset 2A
Track 3, Preset 3A

Now if I browse preset within a track

Track 1 : Preset 1, 1A, 2, 3 and so on are available
Track 2 : Preset 1A, 2, 2A, 3 are available (weird because 1A is used by track 1)
Track 3 : Preset 1A, 2A, 3 and 3 A (weird because 1A and 2A are respectively used by track 1 and 2 & Preset 1&2 should be available)

This is particularly annoying, sometimes presets I created or would like to use are no longer available when needed

Finally, I would like to suggest a way to browse presets faster. The idea is to be able to scroll through the hundreds, the tens and the ones. By holing on of the pads while turning the select knob

I hope this can help you. If anyone had the same issue and my setup with the keystep is incorrect, please let me know


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