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Momentary jump-in to other view (i. e. track) on long press



Great peace of hardware out there -- already my main sequencer in the studio, as well as solo tool.
My another favourite groovebox is Novation Circuit, which has this neat feature that is almost crucial for fast navigation during a live performance --
-- the momentary jump to other menu page/view on long press of a corresponding button,
-- with a return to preivous view/page on the release of the button.

This feature is extremely useful to quickly adding or removing notes while keeping an eye on the section switching, or tweakig some other parameters. During a live performance, it's all about timing, and the timing is tight!.

So, for example, for jumping into a track view from a song view -- just long-press either the mute or the section button of corresponding track.

Also, if the clip-launch-style 'song' view would ever be implemented (which would be rad, since it would allow to access more tracks/clips/patterns at once, without scrolling), one could just long-press a pad corresponding to that track/clip/pattern to edit it and then return to the song view.

The same concept would be usable also for momentarily jumpint into song view while in the track view -- imagine working on a track, then swiftly jumping into the song view via long-press the song button, launching some tracks or a section and jumping back to the previously viewed track on the release.

Or momentarily jumping into the keyboard view to play some notes while loop-recording a track.

I hope you would see this as an useful feature too!

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