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Multi Sample notes cutting out


Apologize if posted elsewhere but search didn't yield much.

I have a song that I loaded a synth with multi samples, add in my chords on a track and all is great. However when playing over said track (still on said track) if I hit the same note that's playing it will randomly not play the live pressed note. Man I hope that makes sense. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.


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    amiga909amiga909 SwitzerlandPosts: 603

    Just a guess, cant recall getting a similar effect as you describe:
    I had issues when using the same multisamples in multiple presets at once, so presets 100a and presets 100b would have load the same multi samples and play at the same time.
    Maybe, if you could make a video it would be easier to understand what kind of error you get.

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    KegeratorzKegeratorz PAPosts: 13
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    Quick Video:

    Feels random but I'm sure there's something I'm missing.

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