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USB midi


I'm fairly new to the Deluge. I'm trying to record both midi tracks and control internal drum/synth tracks using USB midi without success. When I look at the manual there's very little specific about USB midi in there. It appears to suggest that I should be able to input midi via usb just as with din midi, but I haven't been able to make it work with my MacBook and Ableton using both notes drawn into Ableton or using Ableton to route my midi controller through to the usb midi input of the Deluge. I've also tried this with iPad and CC adapter with no success usb.

Is there a setting I need to enable or is it not possible? Or ?




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    MikeyB59MikeyB59 St Paul, MNPosts: 2

    Setting up external keyboard
    Setting up external controllers

    These videos explained most of what I needed to know. So, it's not a USB midi issue, but a "how Deluge works" issue. In order to get a track to respond to an external keyboard, "learn + audition pads" links external keyboard or Ableton or whatever to track. Has to be reassigned each time you want to control a track. There's no universal, "record to whatever track I'm on" function. Similarly with parameter automation, only a little trickier. You have to "shift + whatever parameter you want to control specified on the grid labels," which causes pad to blink, then "learn + blinking pad with parameter you want to control".

    Not an entirely intuitive process, but there it is. On to the next thing to learn here.

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