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Option to Unbind ENV1 from volume



I believe it would greatly extend the sound design capabilities of the unit if we were able to unbind ENV1 from volume if we so chose. This would leave it free to control any other number of parameters without affecting volume. I believe it would be very useful for sounds where you want the volume to be consistent, but affect their presence and characteristics simply through timbre (basses, filter pads, leads, drones etc.)

I've searched the forum and haven't found this suggestion been put forth before, but if it has, please point me to it and I'll happily upvote that and discard this thread.



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    duelinmarkersduelinmarkers Austin TX USPosts: 11

    For note-on and -off events to cause a sound to start and stop, there will have to be an amp envelope of some kind. How would you expect note volume to behave if ENV1 were unbound from volume?

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    SerbanSerban London, UKPosts: 13

    For analog I would agree, but for digital I would expect the note to sound consistently at the set volume of the patch for as long as the corresponding pad is held.

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