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The more I play it....


The more I fall in love with my Deluge. Made this quasi old school industrial like track today. Recorded with a Zoom H5 plugged into my mixer while noodling.


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    VondragonnogginVondragonnoggin California, USAPosts: 144
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    I like the style. When I first started making electronic music I pretty much just stayed in the industrial genre (circa 1997 for my first pieces of electronic gear other than guitar and amps/fx pedals) Have branched out a bit since then but will always enjoy that style. Deluge is so easy to do whatever style on and creating drum tracks is really lightning fast. Very nice.

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    Thanks, I am going to start sampling some of my guitar work too and add. I love this thing!!!!!!! :D

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    71777177 (:Posts: 13

    love it, thx!

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