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"The Deluge"

EdiEdi IrelandPosts: 17
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I've finally finished my first complete track made 100% using the Deluge. I've tried to use as many techniques as possible to help me learn how to use the Deluge, so it's got a litle bit of everything thrown in - long samples, multi-sampled instuments, subtractive synthesis, plenty of fx, lots of sections, resampled parts, some automation, etc.

I recorded it live using the 2.1 record to arranger feature, which is ace!

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    g105bg105b United KingdomPosts: 8

    Inspiring stuff, I like the variation of the samples you use.

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    EddyEddy ColognePosts: 256
    edited January 2020

    one year after release I must say: Yes, you made a good job!

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