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Deluge 2.1.1 hangs when loading specific samples

gnobalgnobal IsraelPosts: 6


About two weeks ago some orchestral samples were posted in a comment on the Deluge Users Facebook group:

I tried to load some of them as multisamples into my Deluge as a synth (followed the instructions found in the online manual), and the result was that the Deluge hangs - the spinning animation gets stuck and none of the buttons or knobs is responsive. I waited about 2-3 minutes and nothing changed, so I had to restart the device.

Specifically, I tried to load these Bassoon samples as multisamples:!KyYknI6K!9VMKqHmQrFy1Z8hRglqn8A!ryJVDSRR

It's very possible that I'm doing something wrong, but I tried samples from other libraries and they worked.


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